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Katie B

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Katie B was brought up in a picturesque fishing town in North Yorkshire.


At the age of 6 she started to play the flute, and by the age of 9 she was also playing the Saxophone. "I played in various local bands, and worked up to a best jazz band in the area. Whilst playing with this band I started singing jazz too, which became my biggest passion."

After playing at prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, and playing with some of the best jazz artists in the world such as Snake Davis, Denis Badbone Rollins, Alan Barnes, and numerous others, she knew that Jazz was where her heart was.


After doing a degree at Huddersfield University in Drama and Music, she also started to develop a passion for writing lyrics and plays. At the same time she also started writing and performing stand up comedy.


Currently, Katie is living in the Champagne area in France with her family.

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